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Product, interior and Food Photography for E-commerce, HoReCa, Amazon / Etsy and Advertising

3D modeling, logo, identity, package design, brochures, catalogues and banners for online marketing

Studio photos on a white background, photos on location, photos with model, 3D modeling and infographics design




You will receive finished images in defined deadline, on average it’s no more than 4-7 days after ordering. Of course, it all depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the number of edits, but you definitely do not have to wait a month.


You do not have to pay for the fact of the photographer or designer was working, or the number of hours spent, but for the result, for ready edited photos and designs. Full payment is made upon receipt, but for some services, we will ask you for the small down payment.


With us you can get high quality photos, creative graphic design and order a realistic 3D model. You do not need to worry about quality of the photos, or searching separated specialists, just tell us about your idea, and we will take care of its implementation.


Our team is large enough and high qualified to handle complex, big projects, such as logoboock or identity graphic design, photographing the entire product line with instant editing, 3D modeling and the work of several specialists at the same time on one project.


One of the last photoshots
for the special clothing store.
This is a photos of line of diving suits
to be used in hot and cold seasons


If the following meets your expectations, then write to us and we will implement your idea qualitatively


I want to be sure that the image quality will be high, because we have understood each other correctly


I need a responsible, reliable, punctual partner who will not fail and won't let me down


It is important to me that the order is completed in a short time, within a few days


My photos or graphic design should be as I see it, unlike any other, unique and beautiful






During the whole time, about as many product photos, food photos, and interior photos were taken, edited by our photographers and delivered to our customers



For now? this many designs have been made and delivered to customers. These were logos, packages, banners, billboards, brochures and otherr printed materials



Probably this many hours have been spent on brainstorming, creating the design concepts, creative work of photographers on photosets.



Probably more, but counting the days and empty packages, I can say that we enjoy more tea than coffee))


Kavinsky Art Company is a tough professional and a knowledgeable partner who did create corporate design for advertisement/promotional products for my company. And the very important thing for me is the fact that I got a positive feedback for the products on the market.

Taras Yastremskyy

CEO Nysa Development LLC
Компания зарекомендовала себя как ответственный и надёжный исполнитель.Специалисты максимально оперативно подходили к их решению, работали в том числе по задачам, не включённым в техническое задание. Каждая деталь реализована на высоком уровне, учтены все возможные нюансы и особенности нашей деятельности.Очень рекомендую.

Ирина Горелова

Amazon reseller
Получила все фотографии, над которыми работала Ваша студия! Я не знаю, как можно НАСТОЛЬКО красиво сфотографировать и представить мой товар, как это делаете Вы, Назарий , и ребята Вашей студии ! Это очень- очень красиво ! Буду всем рекомендовать заказывать фотосессии только у Вас. Спасибо)))

Daria Thunder

Amazon reseller


Kavinsky: professional photo and design studio in Ukraine & Spain at your service

Photography is not just a work but also art. It is important not only to master the technical aspects, but also to be able to see and feel the whole process of photography, to create the concept and properly implement it. This will give a result of captivating, striking, and memorable photos. And in modern e-commerce, high quality photos have become a powerful marketing tool. If a consumer is able to personally evaluate certain products at a regular store or mall, then online it can only be done through photos or videos. This sales format has taken product photography and related services to a new level and made them an integral part of a successful business. Kavinsky art company is a professional photo and design studio in Ukraine and Spain, whose team will help you to realize projects with high quality photography and detailed photo editing.

What can Kavinsky photo and design studio offer to its customers?

Since 2016, we have been working in product photography studio format. However, the rapid development of e-commerce in Ukraine required the expansion of photography services and their improvement. So, today Kavinsky studio is a modern company that offers complex services in photography, photo editing, graphic design, 3d modeling and more.

Creating photo content for your business

Specialists of Kavinsky photo and design studio take photos in different directions:

  • пProduct photography: copying product images from manufacturers, competitors, or other resources, or scanning print products is unlikely to bring benefits to your business. The consumer will choose the product, which will be represented to him in the most attractive form. You can only do this with quality product photos. Our photo studio in Spain and Ukraine has its own small warehouses, where you can deliver goods for photography in any quantity;
  • Photos: The biggest e-commerce online service in the world provides unique opportunities for business development, but at the same time puts many demands on sellers. Photo content must meet a number of requirements, the most important of which is professional shots on a perfectly white background, in the appropriate size of images and high quality infographics. Potential buyers from around the world will view featured products, which is why your job is to provide presentable, detailed and attractive product images. Kavinsky photo and design studio professionals will help you do it in the best possible way;
  • food photography: we know how to take pictures, saliva flowing. After all, to make different dishes appetizing and attractive in the photos, it is not enough effort just of the chef. Food photography is one of the most interesting and challenging areas of photography that requires the efforts of the whole team. But in our photo studio we can make it good, so looking at the photo, your client will not only be able to appreciate the appearance of the food, but also to imagine its taste and smell. The food photography takes place on a white background or with the presentation of ingredients, serving items, decor and more. Both in restaurants and in our photo studio in Spain or Ukraine. Food stylists can be involved in the process as needed;
  • interior photos: for marketing or HR branding, we can take photos of the interiors of restaurants, hotel rooms, conference rooms, offices and other places. Kavinsky Studio are also in demand among homeowners. We shoot with the use of modern specialty optic lenses, which will help convey the best features of any interior.

To start new project, it is enough to leave a message on the website, write a message on e-mail or call us in WhatsApp. We will discuss the details of the project, your requirements, timing and other aspects of cooperation. Our specialists work in both photo studios and locations.

3D modeling as a modern way of presenting objects in high quality

Also popular service of Kavinsky Studio clients is the 3D modeling. This process features creation images of existing or non-existing objects that are realistic, and have a high amount of detail in 1080p, 2K or 4K resolution. Skillfully created in our studio 3D images can replace real photos. Here what you can order:

  • 3D modeling of Simple subjects, clothing and furniture: We can create the 3d model of almost any complexity, from a glass transparent perfume bottle to modern electronics, and engineering designs and more. Such objects accurately convey not only color and shape, but also texture (wood, glass, fabric, fur, etc.);
  • furniture and interior: presentation of furniture, plumbing, tiles, textiles, various consumer goods and other goods will be more effective if the consumer would be able to see and evaluate them in a real environment. It will be much easier to do this with 3D modeling than to take real-world photos. Designers of studio Kavinsky art company will create any 3D models taking into account modern trends of design of premises of different type. In the process of work can be used images of already existing goods or newly created;
  • architecture and landscape: 3D modeling allows customers to get a full view of future architectural features, as well as design options for adjoining areas, parks, gardens, recreation areas, and more.

By contacting our photo and design studio in Lviv, you can start project that will really benefit your business.

Professional garphic design

Modern business are due to the development of online sales. We offer the following types of services that are aimed at visualizing and promoting various commercial projects online and offline:

  • corporate identity design: Kavinsky art company specialists will reflect your company concept with one of the most powerful marketing tools, logo and visual branding;
  • online advertising design and development: we create unique banners and brochures to help make your brand visible;
  • outdoor advertising design: Photo studio professionals will offer billboard, poster, city-light and other design options that will surely attract the attention of your potential customers.

Customers of Kavinsky art company photo and design studio are e-commerce stores, advertising and design studios, cafes and restaurants, Amazon business owners, manufacturers and distributors, HoReCa business, individuals and more.

Advantages of working with a photo and design studio Kavinsky art company

Our team guarantees:

  • high quality of service: in the field of photography, it is very easy to evaluate, just look at the finished work. You can do this by reviewing our portfolio;
  • high level of service: our photo, design studio in Spain and Ukraine is organized in such a way as to create maximum comfort for clients
  • full range of services: you will spend a minimum of time and effort to get ready photographic content, graphic design and 3D;
  • uniqueness: no clichés, copies, mediocre solutions. Every time we implement new ideas and develop unique concepts.

You will not only receive a high quality images, but the result of the coordinated work of a whole team of professionals. Our photo and design studio can become a reliable partner for your business.