3D modeling is the creation of detailed, three-dimensional, realistic images of existing or non-existing objects of any size. First, we create geometric model, a virtual three-dimensional layout with defined lines and dots, which would be detailed, refined, and created in texture, color, perfectly even, placed in a scene with exposed light and background.
The result is a detailed illustration in color, with shadows, backgrounds and additional elements that can be used in business promotion.



We can make a model of items made of glass, metal, wood, plastic, fabric and many other materials in various sizes and shapes. It can be a cell phone, a clock, a bottle, all kinds of plants, cars, engineering structures and more.


Our designers are able to create models of interiors of rooms and defined objects of an interior, using chosen before, already existing furniture, different types of plumbing products, specific patterns and colors of a tile, or wood.


You can order a model of architectural projects or landscape design. These are residential, office, suburban and multi-storey buildings with landscaping concepts of the surrounding areas, in the city or in the countryside


Having a 3D model of your product gives you the opportunity to present your product in the best possible way and positively to future buyers. It is an opportunity to look now and rotate an object without having a real one, which previously existed only in drawings, descriptions, in representations. You will be able to see and show your potential customers the shape, color, texture and shine of the product, the coziness, the play of light and the harmony of interior textures, the beauty and elegance of the architecture.
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If you working in online sales, you need the highest quality and detailed images, in various angles and scenes, a high-quality, realistic 3D model is guaranteed to increase conversion


For video, the 3D model is indispensable, you get perfect shots from any angle, and with any light. In outdoor or online advertising, this is a better chance to show a product with greater efficiency

Startups and investor search

If you have the idea of creating an innovative product, building an architectural project, or even landscaping and you are looking for financial support, visualization is what you need


Amazon requires high quality product images on a white background, with infographics, when applied. With a 3D model, you do not need to hire a photographer, we will do all the illustrations

Catalogs and presentations

If you are manufacturing something, you need to have 3D product models to show their content, details and design features, where and how to use, how to assemble and disassemble

Real estate sales

With several interior design options for a newly built apartment, you create in clients head emotions and the anticipation of owning, which greatly increases the desire to buy it right now



Filling in and discussing the brief


We'll send you some questions about the features of the project, you answer them, and we'll talk further to clarify the details we need before start

Production of the first layouts


In short time after ordering, we produce a virtual geometric model with lines and points of surface bending, and send you for approval.

Edits and approvals


You get raw design and make edits as needed, we discuss them in more detail and make changes to the layout for free, then work on

Finished 3D models and illustrations


As a result, you get your model on needed background, and in the right angles that were defined in the beginning, the images in JPEG format and the model itself in the working format of the 3D max program


We can make a 3D model using drawings or high quality photograph in detailed sizes, and having a real object in front of us.

The more detailed illustrations and models you want to get, the longer it will take the modeling process and the cost will increase accordingly.

The result is a high-quality 3D model that looks as realistic as possible in the illustrations. We provide you with a set number of illustrations in PNG or JPEG format and the model itself in 3D max working format.

Model production times vary from 3 days to several weeks, depending on the size of the project.

3D modeling services from the professional studio Kavinsky art company

Over the past 10 years, e-commerce in Ukraine and world, has gained powerful development. The number of Internet users is growing rapidly every day. This led to the transition of many business areas to online mode. A feature of e-commerce is the fundamentally new ways of popularizing goods and services, and one of them is an effective presentation. At the present stage, this can be done not only using ordinary photos, but also using 3D modeling. Computer technology allows you to create objects of varying complexity that convey all the features of real objects.

What is 3D modeling for?

3D modeling can be used in almost any field from trade to architecture and medicine. This can be all sorts of images, videos, animations, presentations, and, of course, advertising of any kind. 3D modeling is used in the following cases:

  • when there is not always access to real objects;
  • photographing real objects is very expensive;
  • the object that is needed to create the image or movie does not exist at all;
  • demonstration of the final result using 3D modeling (building project, landscape design);
  • the transfer of all the features of the product that is advertised using a 3D model, if this cannot be shown in a regular photo;
  • it is necessary to present real-life products in terms of use, and to create them there is no possibility or sense due to the high cost of time and money.

In many cases, the 3D modeling allows you to achieve the best results. The level of development of technologies, as well as the skills of 3D designers, allow you to create objects that not only do not differ from real ones, but also look more presentable. The 3D modeling process consists in creating a geometric model of a three-dimensional layout, which will be further detailed. For this, the real volumetric shape, texture, color and the like are reproduced. Such objects become parts of various plot images or videos and can be used in any business area.

3D modeling services from a professional studio Kavinsky art company

You can order various types of 3D modeling services in our studio. If you consider this process from a technical point of view, then it is quite complicated and requires the use of special knowledge and skills. In addition, the creation of such objects is impossible without all sorts of artistic abilities. So, a 3D designer should be not only a highly qualified technical specialist, but also an artist, stylist, connoisseur of fashion and other things. It is such professionals who work in the Kavinsky studio, and you can order various types of services:

  • 3D-modeling of various items and clothes: this type of service is most often chosen by owners of online stores, distributors, manufacturers and other customers whose business needs to be shown to potential customers the features of their products. 3D modeling allows us to demonstrate not only the external features of products, but also their internal structure, to show how they can be transformed or used in other ways. Our 3D-artists model objects of varying degrees of complexity from any materials, naturally conveying the transparency of glass, the texture of various types of fabrics, wood, metal and other materials. 3D modeling allows you to easily and quickly change any parameters of the created objects, for example, color, texture, size, shape and the like. If we are talking about clothes, then we will create models with the effect of a "transparent" mannequin and present it in different angles;
  • 3D-modeling of interiors and furniture: home and cabinet furniture, sanitary ware, interior items and other products of similar categories belong to a niche with very high competition. That is why the owners of online stores and manufacturers of such products will have to make a lot of efforts to attract the attention of potential consumers to their products. This can be done using the services of 3D modeling. Our designers will create high-quality models of existing objects or those whose production is only planned, presenting them not only from different angles, but also in various interiors. So it will be much easier for the client to find out how a sofa, a wardrobe or various types of tile will look surrounded by other furnishings. Photorealistic images of exquisite interiors in different styles are not always the work of the photographer. Now, in most cases, such projects are the work of talented 3D-modelers;
  • architecture and landscape design: today computer visualization is extremely important for architecture and landscape design, allowing them to move to a whole new level. It is 3D-modeling of buildings that will effectively present even the most complex projects, which was previously impossible. In the process, you can quickly change various details - the shape of the windows, the color of the facades, the location of certain garden or park objects. This will create a holistic impression of the object. Even with samples of building materials or plants in front of you, it is difficult to imagine the final result. Instead of explaining to the client in words the advantages of certain solutions, it is better to offer him to consider the 3D model from different angles. As for the design of landscapes, the 3D-modeling has made designers independent of seasonal changes.

So, computer visualization is a new reality that can be created without the negative influence of any extraneous factors, conveying to the smallest details the features of various objects.

Choosing a studio Kavinsky art company, you get a guaranteed result

The benefits of working with us:

  • professional 3D-artists who, in the process of work, take into account all modern trends in 3D modeling and design;
  • providing comprehensive services that allow you to implement almost any projects in a short time;
  • strict implementation of the terms of cooperation;
  • affordable cost of services payment after receiving them;
  • implementation of innovative approaches and the search for unique solutions.

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