We make a design that meets the goals of its creation, does not distract and does not make a false impression. We know what format, color, font and style to use and in what cases, in order to show companies identity and positioning.




We guarantee the descent quality and compliance with the agreed deadlines.
Your design will not be stolen, redrawn or made in the wrong style, we make fresh, creative solutions.


Your new banner or billboard will match the brand colors and maintain the style of the company


We do not download ready files, do not redraw, do not steal, you will get a unique solution


We will provide the layout in different formats (AI, PSD. ID, PDF. TIFF), for printing, for publication on the network, etc.


Your design will be ready on time or faster, unless there are force majeure circumstances


You will be able to make edits that we take into account and do, but not more than 3 times


You can request the layout in a different format or alter it for other purposes within 6 months




You apply contact form on the site and fill out a brief. Next, we discuss it, clarify some details related issues, and plan the work


We design several layouts for you (or agree one option if this is a brochure) and send you for approval


You receive designs and, if necessary, make changes that we perform, after which we send you layouts and receive full payment

Designer, photographer, and project manager in Lviv and Valencia: complex solutions from professionals

In Lviv or another city of Ukraine, you can find a graphic designer today without any problems. But can one specialist replace the staff of professionals and satisfy the needs of your business? Of course, he will be able to replace, but never will satisfy. We offer our customers an alternative: comprehensive business solutions with a staff of professionals for their implementation. Working with us, you can be sure of the result: for a profitable fee, our customers receive high-quality images to promote their business offline or online, stylish, high-quality and efficient designs which can turn their product / service into what is called a brand worldwide.

Designer services: can you do without them?

Graphic design is part of marketing and advertising. Your business has not reached the level of such brands as Apple, Google, Versace, Armani, Mercedes? Then you can not do without advertising. You just need the following materials that can’t be created without the participation of graphic designer:

  1. Printings materials in a corporate style. This was and will be an extremely effective marketing tool. The only question is how to make it remarkable and how to spread it. On the selected images, graphics, fonts and placement of elements of the composition depends on how successful and profitable will be a marketing campaign offline or online. Who, if not the graphic designer in Ukraine, the city where it is important to turn advertising into a show, knows all these subtleties?
  2. Layouts of banners, landing pages and other online advertising tools. Offline advertising will be more effective for the business if you take care of the reputation of your brand on the Internet. That is why you need a website designed in a corporate style, and attractive advertising materials that can be used for distribution on the network (web banners of various sizes, marketing kits, commercial offers, etc.).
  3. Outdoor advertising. Billboards, citylights, posters - elements of outdoor advertising. The position of the brand in the minds of customers depends on the correctness of their placement and design. This type of offline advertising is not cheap. That is why when developing it, you cannot do without a professional graphic designer. He knows how to use the right text, colors, compositional elements and placement to create the right impression in a particular place in front of potential customers.

Prices for graphic design services in our company allow each business to advertise effectively today and create the basis of its popularity tomorrow. When you get brand popularity, than you won’t need to look for a customers yourself. They  will seek ways to cooperate with you. Printings, Outdoor and E-commerce graphic design solutions in this case will bring you profit in repeated order.

The team of graphic designers in Ukraine: why do you need a team and what is so special in ours?

Different quality graphic design can make anyone say yes or no to your company. We work for your potential customers say “wow!” when ordering a service / product. For the result to be “wow,” and not cause more questions than answers, you need a professional designer, an expert on creating a positive emotions, who understands the following things:

  1. The correct selection of font pairs, infographics, vector images and other compositional elements.
  2. Creation of design layouts and prototypes of websites, banners, brochures and other printing.
  3. "Drawing" of adaptives, which can be used both when creating mobile versions, and when printing.
  4. Creating a corporate identity - if the business owner does not have it, or when he has not formulated a positive brand reputation yet, and requires changes. If the logo, corporate colors and other brand attributes “work” for the company's profit - you should not change the corporate style, you just need to use it when creating offline and online advertising.
  5. Creation of storytelling concepts and their implementation in corporate videos and animated materials.
  6. Creation of naming concepts for selection / change of brand name. As you call a boat, that it will float - a saying that can be considered the best description of naming in general. Brand popularity is not least dependent on the name of the company.

Listing all the graphic designer's competencies is difficult. In our case, unnecessarily. We offer a range of design and partially advertising services, which includes the work of a designer, photographer, marketer and project manager. The advantages of working with us:

  1. A team of professionals at the price of one multidisciplinary freelancer.
  2. Maximum quality of work performed due to the differentiation of powers between various specialists.
  3. Payment upon receipt of the ordered materials - no hourly pay. You get ready-made mockups on hand, evaluate, make adjustments and pay for the finished result.
  4. Compliance with the deadlines for the creation of design and promotional materials - 10 days and without delay.
  5. Lack of need for monitoring of various specialists personally - we have a project manager for this.
  6. The ability to receive high-quality authentic photos, videos and animations that will reflect the essence of your brand in the best possible light.

Of course, in business beautiful pictures or “tasty” photographs are not a complete recipe for success. Knowing this, we rely not only on high-quality visualization; our goal is to create an effective corporate identity or change the existing one to a more effective one. We use everything - graphic design, high-quality thematic photographs, unique illustrations and icons, conversion buttons and correctly chosen name, advertising texts. If you need a stylish, but at the same time effective "packaging" - you should contact our company. Here you will find the most dedicated managers, photographers and designers in general, Lviv, Ukraine and Valencia, Spain.