Food photo. When food is art

For us, food is more than a necessary for living. It is with great pleasure that we indulge in "delicious" sin, enjoying every bit of baked meat or a sip of sizzling soda. Take a closer look, food is everywhere - on restaurant tables and storefronts, glossy magazine pages and commercials, on social media posts and in your kitchen. Therefore, welcome to the world of modern food trends in the field of food photography.

Everyone who has to deal with food should now have a thorough culinary knowledge or hire skilled workers. In order to sell dishes or products you have to submit them nicely. And the first step in this process begins with the introduction to the menu, the study of the range of sites. Therefore, every establishment or outlet must operate bright and mouthwatering food photos. Their creation is better trusted by masters in the field - food photographers. Our employees have extensive specialization and years of experience in the corporate and private sectors. We are trusted, so we are often tasked with difficult projects.

Food photos are a cure for bad mood and an excuse to eat a new meal

Food photos can be used for menus, books and magazines. With them, ordinary dishes turn into a gourmet find warning. Good food photos say that you need to invest love, warmth and energy that moves in the comfort of food. Then you see the result alive, delicious and useful. Good food photos used to "cure" bad devices. Why not enjoy happiness in your desserts and pastries? Such contemplation is not defined at the level and brings maximum satisfaction.

Our photos used non-commercial and non-commercial photos. Each of them is talented and creative. Each has its own style and taste. I mean all that was once achieved, previously worked by a certain author is easy to recognize. Test authors really flexible when ordering. Light and light food photography is possible, as well as dark-style footage. Choose from the desire of the customer.

Good long-range food photos look dangerous - delicious cases threaten to enter the kitchen with something discounted that are put and made happy. Home meta-food photo - the best appetite, creating the desire to order, using the picture on your dish. Shooting food is about creating unique images that are associated with your institution. Therefore, each photo of the highest composition, generates style and maintains pleasant associations. Each frame is a special task that is created with an individual approach.

Preparation of a full-cycle food photo - from selection of ingredients to menu creation

Everything is important for a quality shot: the serving is the same. All ingredients should be beautiful, fresh, appetizing, otherwise nothing will work. Every food photo needs at least a minimum of processing. Everything else depends on how it is made. Processing should be reasonable and without undue effort. We perform a full-cycle food photo. That is, we not only produce professional photography, but also prepare print materials. It should be noted that preparing a menu, magazine, book or other printed or electronic product is the final stage, followed by a thorough preparation. That's why we get the most out of your idea, institution, style, and target audience at the beginning of your work. Every detail matters.

Organizational and technical moments of shooting food - the price, the place of the shooting, the props

We don't care about the customer's location. We specify the price for the project, not for the photographer's time. The portfolio of the site contains only a small fraction of the food photos taken. We have the experience and means to perform any thematic shooting, at the request of the customer. We apply special textures, we choose dishes. In addition to close-up shots, we also produce macro frames that emphasize each of the ingredients through contrast. With regard to the organizational and technical work plan, there are any options for shooting:

  1. On the territory of the customer (interior, photo with the props).
  2. In our studio (on a white / black or colored background).

Food photos are created using special equipment. Combined circuits from natural and pulsed light sources are used to provide lighting. This takes the creativity and processing of all the details of the shoot. If you order professional food photos, you can earn the desired profit. We will develop a project taking into account the wishes and financial capabilities of the customer. Understand that the joy of low food photo prices will quickly go away if the result is not what you want. The frames you get through working with us will work for you and your business image with success for several years.