Interior photography: an effective way to promote your business

If you own a hotel, cafe, restaurant, or have any other HoReCa business, interior design, furniture manufacturing, etc., you will need interior photography sooner or later. This is a kind of architectural photography, in which the photographer takes pictures of a room, furniture or accessories that are used to illuminate the most interesting and attractive sides of the interior. In order for the consumer to choose the right one, the photo must be of good quality. High quality interior photography can be ordered in Kavinsky art company. Contacting us, you receive decent photos at an affordable price. This will increase the number of your customers in a short period of time.

The main criterias for decent quality interior photography

The main feature of our photography is high quality. We are following into this concept in way of:

  • technical quality: achieved by a standard set of parameters that serve to reproduce excellent photographic image;
  • visual or artistic quality: the ability of a photograph to attract attention, evoke aesthetic pleasure and the desire to view it again and again;
  • narrative quality: the ability of a photo card not only to present the subject, but also to "tell" an interesting story about it.

Please note that all three aspects of high quality interior photography work together: a photo can only "tell" something about if the technical requirements, the artistic and visual quality are met. In addition, a decet quality interior photo has the following advantages:

  • high amount of image details;
  • focusing the look on the main elements of the photo;
  • withstand color balance, saturation and contrast: accurate color, texture and material texuture in different light conditions;
  • the absence of artifacts (image defects), as well as phenomena such as moiré (including on fabrics and textured surfaces);
  • transmission of the whole range of illumination: from bright light to the shadows;
  • realistic: the color balance is as close to real as possible when shooting. Also, there is no geometric distortion of the objects and their size (for example, curvature of straight lines in the center of the frame);

If the viewer imagines himself in this interior after viewing the interior photo, then the main goal is achieved.

Ordering of interior photography in our studio

Are you interested in ordering an interior photo shoot? Kavinsky art company will bring to life your most interesting ideas. This process occurs in several stages:

  • photoset application: fill out the form on the site, write an e-mail or just call us;
  • the process of planning and coordination: discussing ideas and requirements for photographs, terms of order fulfillment, as well as other customer requirements;
  • the photo shoot it self: we go to the location of the interior shooting;
  • photo editing: our photographers edit tho photos according to your requirements;
  • photo acquisition features: you first get the photos and then pay for them. So you only pay for the result of the work, not for the time spent by the photographer.

The main advantages of interior photography in Kavinsky art company

If you need an interior photography studio in Kiev, Lviv or Valencia (Spain), then we advise you to contact Kavinsky art company. We help both small and large business owners to present their company better and earn more. Here you will receive a set of services in photography and design, which has several advantages:

  • trial photos: if you do not liked first photos, the photographer will surely reshoot them, taking into account your needs and wishes;
  • high resolution of photos: you get a photo with a minimum 300 dpi at a size of 297x420 mm (A3 format). And if necessary, we will also provide a photo with a small resolution (for example, to upload on the website);
  • basic processing: all photos are edited in basic color correction, which adjusts the saturation, white balance, contrast, and others.

Choosing Kavinsky art company as a photo studio, you get not only high quality interior photos, but also a team of professionals who do not copy someone else's ideas, but every time find an individual solution for each client. The whole process: It takes 4 - 5 business days from shooting to receiving the photo (except for big projects, which are discussed separately).