A professional photo for Amazon is the secret of a large number of sales

A potential customer decides to stay or not on the page of an online store in just a few seconds, so the first impression is very important. It all starts with a shop window - design and graphic content. You can spend money on unique product descriptions compiled by professional marketers, but no one will read them if the photos of the product are selected incorrectly. We help solve this problem and provide photography services, 3D modeling and creating infographic for product listings on Amazon. We work based on our own experience, and the needs of listing owners, also buyers preferences. Our photos for Amazon really work!

Cooperation with us gives you the following advantages:

  1. All photos for listing are very well edited, so you get ready-made content (with color correction and retouching).
  2. We select camera angels which better reflect photographed product details.
  3. We organize photos at locations, in the environment of product usage, including models.
  4. We provide a selection of photos for Amazon before processing.
  5. We have our own product photo studio.

What do you think repels potential customers? If the photos for Amazon are taken from various sources and not processed to the proper level before posting, this is noticeable. If the color scheme is not maintained in the design of the photo for Amazon, it’s noticeable. Customers will have the impression of low quality product. Customers come for the product and want to see it represented as nice as possible, from different sides, in equally good lighting, so you should contact us to avoid possible mistakes.

High quality photos for Amazon - a combination of customer requirements and our own experience

Notice, that the photo for Amazon must meet a number of requirements. Firstly, for each product you need up to 9 shots. The main photo, is first displayed in the search results and on the pages viewed by the purchase. Therefore, the main photo of the produuct should be of the highest quality. Creating it, we adhere to the recommendations of Amazon:

  1. On the photos for Amazon, only the main product is displayed - without the use of logos, texts, watermarks (although sometimes Amazon allows you to upload such photos).
  2. The photo for Amazon should meet resolution of at least 1000 pixels on one side. Therefore, with its increase, clarity is maintained. We give 3000x3000 pixels.
  3. The product must occupy at least 80% of the main photo area, the rest is a 100% white background.
  4. RGB color mode.
  5. Optimal file formats - JPEG, TIFF or GIF.
  6. For each product, it is recommended to post up to 9 photos with infographics.

When preparing to a photoshoot for Amazon, we provide several additional ones. These are macro shots, as well as additional items for demonstrating a product in action or its scale, a photo with a model and at a location. Since the buyer cannot hold the goods in his hands, our task is to create a good impression. We make photos for Amazon as high quality and visual as possible.

Professional photo shooting for listing provides many benefits. With them, you can easily beat competitors. A person who is looking for a specific product selects yours, referring to a clear and detailed photo. High-quality content is more interesting and encourages customer to buy it. The planning of the photoshoot must begin long before the listing is created - even at the stage of work on the product. Because the photos for Amazon listing are the foundation for the product presentation. The format, size, background of the image, life style photos - all this can only be assessed if there is a detailed sketch or TOR.

Preparing a photo for Amazon – on practice

There are situations when the entire cycle and individual stages of preparation have to go through several times. This is necessary in order to develop standards for different categories of Amazon products. We write down all the requirements in the form of TOR at the beginning, and in the process of preparing a photo for Amazon, its points can be changed and supplemented. This is possible thanks to the establishment of communication with the photographer, designer and customer. It should be understood that we do not delay the creative process - everything happens within 7-10 days.

If your product is unique and you want to demonstrate it, you will have to pay more attention to preparing a photo for listing on Amazon. This applies, for example, to the choice of location: studio, store or special location. Our project manager discusses all the details of working with the customer, photographers, models. This is the only way to create content that is not similar to that used by competitors. In our opinion, the main thing is the close cooperation of our client and photographer. High-quality and clear photos on Amazon perform several tasks:

  1. Improve the perception of listings visitors.
  2. Increase conversion.
  3. Promote the creation of a positive brand image.
  4. Build confidence in the quality of the product.

Speaking of time. It takes hours to prepare for shooting certain product, and even more time to edit photos for Amazon. Although they could be photographed faster and without plan, in a few minutes. Obviously, the final cost of services in such situations will be very different. Therefore, you need to plan a budget for a photo for Amazon in terms of correlation of price and value that you get from the result.