Photos must be effective!

High quality, professional product photos with the meticulous editing, only effective and attractive infographics with information that will really drive buyers, realistic 3D models can be astonishing. Taking into account many details, and more meticulous work at all stages, will provide the expected level of turnover as a result.


What we can do for you


Photos of your product with the right lighting on a white background in the studio and high quality editing in compliance with Amazon requirements.


Photo in product application environment, it’s could be street, forest, beach, also kitchen, living room, workplace such as beauty salon, office and more.


Робота з будь-якими моделями (різного віку, статі та комплекції) які користуються продуктом, чи позують біля нього, в студії та на локації.


We can create 3D model of your product in large size and high level of detail. As a result, you will get high quality renders in every needed angle.


Developing infographic design for all photos (except main photo) and playing a 3D model or photographed product on stock photos.


Studio photos and infographics, or model photoshoot on locations + infographics or 3D models with stock photos and infographics.

How we make photos for Amazon


You call us or write to us in a contact form or e-mail us an information about the project (scope of work and deadlines) we provide you with a proposal with terms of execution and the exact cost of the project


We make the TK and you provide us personally or send the product for a photo shoot or 3D modeling. Once we receive it, we begin work, reconciling the results with you on every stage


Upon completion of the work, we send you ready-made photos for approval, you make corrections, if any, and as a result, we provide you with infographic images, photos and source files, you pay and we return the samples.

Latest projects

Photos for Амазон from Kavinsky art company: where they know right

Investing in high-quality photos for Amazon is a win-win option, because in any case, they come back with a profit for you. If we are talking about modern effective photography for Amazons, then it is entirely built on the synergy of solutions and tools. Kavinsky art company photo for Amazon service is a successful combination of art and analytics in its activities; design, photography and 3D modeling. We create effective visualization, which is not just beautiful, but really works to attract customers on Amazon and this cannot fail to provide a result.

One of the best photo and graphic design studios in Lviv and Kiev: all the evidence you can see

In the content business, there is almost no company that would not use this figure in its positioning. But when we call ourselves No. 1, we do not position ourselves as the undisputed market leaders. The best photos, like design, should be invisible, not distract from the essence. Even if we are the undisputed market leaders, we like it more when customers recognize it, rather than our marketers. In addition, facts speak about the quality of our work, not bright slogans.

  1. The only studio in Lviv, Ukraine, provides a full range of design and photo services. When we talk about the full spectrum, we mean business promotion with the help of both online tools and offline advertising.
  2. Our studio provides you with a photographer, designer, marketer and project manager for the duration of your project. You don’t even have to follow the deadlines and demand intermediate results of activity - the project team will be managed by one person who is responsible for the final result. Do you know anyone else besides the studio Kavinsky art company who offers such conditions of cooperation?
  3. We conduct business audits and analyze its competitors both on Amazon and offline. Abroad, such things can afford brands that set aside a serious budget for their own advertising. We make express marketing research affordable and efficient. You can not only use the best design and marketing “chips” of your competitors, but you can also find your best way to promote your business on Amazon.
  4. We create concepts for promoting brands on Amazon and in social services. networks. Based on audits and analyzes of competitors, existing promotion tools, we are a content strategy for business aimed at obtaining customers, orders and increasing the number of repeat sales.
  5. We form a portrait of the target audience and a list of tools, the use of which will provide you and your business with quality leads. For example, in a niche for the sale of computer equipment, the contextual advertising channel is overloaded. You can pay large amounts to get one client, and created advertising in general will not be successful. Is there a marketer's mistake or is there a modern context inefficiency as a marketing tool? A marketer's mistake in this case will be when he offers contextual advertising as one of the main promotion tools for promoting a business specializing in the sale of office equipment. That is why we select the most effective tools for business owners individually. The template approach is not used.
  6. We create and implement a content strategy. We are not just creating strategies - we are responsible for the final result and are ready to provide business owners with specific digital benchmarks (the number of customers received during the course of the company, conversion to order, conversion of repeat sales.
  7. We combine analytical data and art. There are no trifles in modern marketing. It is important not only the quality of the images and the consistency of the tools used, but also the "wrapper" of the business. The target audience should not be afraid to associate you with yourself. This will not only increase the number of customers; You can turn them into fans of your services / products. It is for this purpose - to make you a brand - that our designers and photographers work, and when they combine their efforts with the efforts of marketers, you get the maximum result.

Our studio is the first on the market and unique. We offer an original and unique complex, we do not use a template approach, for the business of each of our clients - we fight as for our own. Kavinsky art company is number one agency because satisfied customers and their achievements speak about it. You can become one of them.

What do you get from creating a photo for Amazon with us?

The best in business and unique in our work make a lot of things. But there is a list of what each of our clients can count on, regardless of budget and corporate prestige:

  1. More customers, orders, repeat sales. Stylish design, “tasty” photos, a well-conducted campaign - all this is done with one goal, for that more supporters of a service or product. The result in this sense is guaranteed, because our specialists have been studying the needs, habits and behaviors of Central Asian representatives online and offline for more than a year. There is only one installation - rate our cases.
  2. Identity that forms the right attitude and associations among representatives of the target audience. Correct corporate identity in all respects guarantees you a reduction in the cost of receiving a client in the future. At the start, everyone needs to work on the impression that you, as a company, are creating.
  3. High quality service. Professional services need to be able not only to receive, but also to provide. We solve tasks on time, and also always consult with our clients regarding possible changes, amendments. In our understanding, the client is not much different from the representative of Central Asia, for whom the work was calculated. When the client is satisfied with everything, we are also pleased, because we understand our proximity to meet client needs.

From cooperation with the studio Kavinsky art company you will receive new knowledge, positive emotions and nice sales results. This is precisely what the work of our designers, 3D modelers and photographers are designed for.