Product photography: simple shots - great results

The product photography’s style and quality directly influence the level of sales and popularity of brand products. There are several reasons for this. First, we all love to look at beautiful things and attractive pictures. The footage from the shooting tells the whole story, evokes positive emotions and shows the whole idea. Second, up to 90% of all information from the world we receiving through eyes. And according to various researchers, from 40% to 60% of people are visuals, that is, visual images act on them most powerfully. No wonder such popularity gained "photo social media’s"! Now tell me that a product photo is just an illustration of the product. Not at all. A high quality shot can also drive sales up. So how can you make simple photos, so familiar to everyone, work for you and benefit your business? How to choose the specialists and what are the requirements for them? Let's try to find out.

What is product photography?

Product shooting includes all "real items shots", that is, taking pictures of following:

  • clothing;
  • shoes;
  • tableware;
  • jewelry;
  • home decor;
  • furniture and more.

Most often, product phots are needed for online stores, catalogs, booklets, advertising. Its specialness is that the result - the photo - should bear not the artistic value, but to demonstrate the advantages of the "model", the product itself. The only thought that should come to the user who looks at the product photo - "I want it!". To stimulate the purchase, to cause the desire, to go shopping again - here is the tasks of making product photos. We do not propose to abandon the "art" part of photography, because within the complex advertising campaign, it is able to increase interest and brand loyalty. But when it comes to "catalog" shooting, the benefits of the subject itself comes first.

Features of product shooting

Product photographers usually have one thing to shoot - a "model" in the center of the frame. In most cases, white or black is used as the background. White is considered as more "friendly", simple and calm. Black is perceived as more expensive and elegant. However, this rule should not apply to all subjects. "Try" different backgrounds, pick the right - and then compare, it will be clear which shooting type is best for your product.

What should you know before the photoshoot starts? There are many different factors, but here are the highlights:

  1. The purpose of product shooting. Define the list of problems which should be solved using the picture: sell, attract attention (for example, for use on billboards in outdoor advertising) and more.
  2. Photo placement. Where do you plan to put your pictures? The format of shots for Instagram, online stores, print booklets may be slightly different. It is best to specify immediately what resources you will use to enable the photographer to adapt to the task.
  3. Capture style. If you are filling your website from scratch, get as many references as you can - photos, resources, pages you like. Samples will help you understand what result you are looking for. If your web site is already operational, be sure to show it to a photographer. In product photography, it is crucial to follow a single concept and make sure that new images do not appear fuzzy or too bright against the old ones.

Product photography: pro vs amateur. What really is the difference?

Remember, product photography is a separate kind of photo art. In order to take high quality photos, the photographer will need not only the experience and knowledge of special "chips", but also a solid arsenal of technological devices. Some argue: say, to shoot decent product photos, you can shoot in a home studio with a minimum set of light accessories. Yes, indeed, it is possible. In addition, a third-party viewer may not even notice the technical difference between a professional shot and a high quality amateur. But we are convinced: as a rule, photos act subconsciously. 99% of people prefer the professional frame and say that it is "more attractive", "more appetizing", "more juicy", "evokes positive emotions". All this is the result of competent product shooting: correctly exposed, right lighting, good background, winning angle. They create volume, character, and emphasize the benefits of the items.

What you get from high quality product photos? From our experience, we can say - tanks to decent photos:

  • users spend more time on the website;
  • potential buyers are checking more products;
  • the conversion rate is increasing;
  • the number of reposts and recommendations to a friends is increasing;
  • users are more likely to return to the website;
  • loyalty from both regular and potential customers is increasing;
  • the average check amount is increasing.

So, does it means that you should entrust the product photography to professionals?

Product photography in KAVINSKY ART COMPANY

Want to get photos that will work for your business? Please entrust the product shooting to us, KAVINSKY ART COMPANY. We have been working in this area since 2014, and now we also offer a comprehensive approach - creating a photos, graphic design and 3D modeling to promote your product as efficiently as possible. In our studio you will be:

  • able to work with the best product photographers and project specialists;
  • receive interesting and non-standard suggestions for the development of project;
  • you will be in touch with one project manager who knows everything about your shooting and all project;
  • get product photos in 3-10 days.

We offer you convenient cooperation and guarantee a high quality result. We own product studio, and you can store significant amount of items, this will help streamline the process. Our clients do not pay just for time spent for shooting or editing, but directly for number of product photos. Our Clients only pay for photos (or layout designs) and only after seeing the result. Why? We just believe that the quality will be of the highest standard. We are not afraid of non-standard projects (and even glad to them!), Ready to offer non-trivial solutions and work for results. Want to get the most out of product shooting?